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How it works

The details behind our state of the art app

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You take a photo of the object.

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The app sends the image to one of our engineers who Google's the answer
The app uses machine learning data to classify your object


Have you ever had something to throw, and thrown it in the landfill dustbin because who cares
not known if it's recyclable, compost, or trash?

I faced the same problem! I was eating a pizza salad, and I didn't know where to throw the bowl.
I solved this by doing eenie meenie miney mo a google search of it.

I was further supported by my peers, the HuskyTech community and my mentor James Webster, who helped me find the resources to complete this project.


1. I think the app classified an object incorrectly and it deeply hurt my feelings

Ans. Shoot me an email at with what the product was and what it was classified as.

2. The app classified me as trash.

Ans. Maybe the app isn't wrong?

3. How can I improve the accuracy?

Ans. Take photos of objects one at a time with good lighting and take photos from an angle in which the object is in its most identifiable form